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Support for Customers living abroad who purchased Unique Melody Japan Limited Universal Fit products in Japan

If you need repairs for your Unique Melody Japan Limited Universal Fit products you purchased through our dealers in Japan, you may fill out the Support Form below or contact the email address <> first. Then, you will recieve a message telling you what we would like you to do before shipping them from person in charge of technical support. Please be careful not to ship them directly to our office.

*For repairs, we need to check a warranty card and receipt to make sure if they are under warranty. Please prepare them before inquiry.


- Steps -

1) Prepare for warranty card and your purchase receipt

2) Fill out the Support Form below or Contact the email address <> with a picture of warranty card and receipt

3) You will recieve a message from our technical person about details for repairs

4) You will ship them directly to Unique Melody labs (We will provide you UM address in the message )

   *Shipping fee both ways will be paid by customers

5) Please contain repair earphone and a note telling us your name, returning shipping address, phone number, what is wrong, and what is needed to be fixed.




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